About the Company

Negin Sabz Borna has been active in the field of import and export of agricultural products in Iran since 2008. Exclusive partnerships with top institutions and companies around the world has not only enabled the company to operate in the economic field, but also to be the beacon of the transfer, research, and development of modern age scientific and technological knowledge in the industry.

Supplying about 10% of the country's imported corn seeds, registering and commercializing various cultivars of non-transgenic seeds, enabling the production of these seeds in the country, saving water consumption in agriculture and reviving the vegetable oil production chain in the country through Development of oilseed cultivation is one of the main achievements of this company in Iran.

Negin Sabz Borna's eight main goals:

  1. Research and compatibility tests on new cultivars.
  2. Introducing modern and advanced hybrids in strategic segments.
  3. ایجاد کانال جدید برای ورود  ژرم پلاسم و انتقال دانش فنی.
  4. Registration of top cultivars in the National List of Plant Cultivars of Iran.
  5. Development of educational workshops, demonstration and research farms. آموزشی ،مزارع نمایشی و تحقیقاتی.
  6. Seed Production.
  7. Promote agricultural principles and technical services to farmers.
  8. Creation of the production chain of strategic products.

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