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Negin Sabz Borna P.J.S.C

Negin Sabz Borna P.J.S.C  (NSB) has been established in Iran since 2008 in the field of production, import and export of agricultural products. The company is the exclusive regional representative of several well-known companies including European firms from Croatia and Serbia. The company’s mission is to increase national production by Agro techniques, modifying the cultivation pattern and etc. The acquisition of these exclusive agreements not only provides opportunities for the company to operate in the economic field, but also contributes to the transfer and development of the scientific and technological knowledge.

Negin Sabz Borna P.J.S.C also has transferred the production technology of grain cereal varieties to Iran and is doing researches on new forage crop varieties and oil seeds too.

Providing about 10% of the country’s maize seed, registration and commercialization of varieties of non-transgenic seeds, creating the possibility for domestic seeds production, saving water consumption in agriculture, and restoring the vegetable oil production chain in the country through cultivation development of oil seeds are some of the company’s achievements in Iran.

Negin Sabz Borna is the exclusive representative of several agricultural research institutes and also some European bio/organic fertilizer manufacturers from Serbia and suburbs in Iran and the region.

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